Does CBD Help In Treating Epilepsy?

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CBD For Arthritis
CBD For Epilepsy
CBD For Epilepsy

A recent survey conducted by the World Health Organization is showing that more than 50 million people around the world are suffering from epilepsy. Recurrent seizures are the main characteristics of epilepsy.

It is the most common neurological disorder and poses an increased risk of premature death. An effective cure for epilepsy is still not discovered. Most of the medications offer only temporary relief and many of them have side effects.

According to some clinical and laboratory studies conducted in the past few years, it is found that CBD could be an effective treatment for epilepsy.

What Is CBD?

CBD is proven to be an effective treatment for many of the health disorders that affect the human body. It is one of the 113 cannabinoids present in the hemp and marijuana plants. Even though it is also present in marijuana, it is mainly extracted from the hemp plant. This is because the THC content in the hemp is very less. Unlike THC, CBD does not cause any psychoactive effects. Therefore, it is completely safe to use CBD products as the THC content will be less than 0.3 %

Does CBD Oil Treat Epilepsy?

Several studies are showing that CBD could be effective in reducing the frequency of seizures in epileptic patients. Scientists in the U.S discovered Epidiolex, a plant-based CBD formulation, which can be an effective treatment for epilepsy. It is a purified CBD extract from the cannabis plant. The FDA has approved the use of Epidiolex for treating two rare forms of epilepsy; Dravet syndrome or Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

Clinical trials of Epidiolex show positive results for using it to treat epilepsy. In some trials, small doses of Epidiolex were administered to people with epilepsy over a period of six months. These patients were taking other seizure medications too. The study shows that the addition of CBD to normal seizure medication resulted in a decrease in seizure frequency in both adults and children.

The studies on the benefits of CBD for epilepsy are still in an early stage. More research on human subjects is essential for harnessing vital information regarding the effect of CBD on epilepsy patients.

There are several forms of CBD products available online and offline that could help in the treatment of epilepsy. More and more people are buying CBD products from online CBD stores. is one such website and you can visit the website to find a wide range of CBD products. The site sells CBD products from multiple brands and all these products are of high-quality.