CBD Vapes, Dabs, And Cigarettes: Which Is The Best Option For You?

Benefits Of Vaping CBD
Benefits Of Vaping CBD
Benefits Of Vaping CBD
Benefits Of Vaping CBD

Inhalation is one of the popular methods for taking CBD. It involves inhaling the CBD vapors created using different methods. Some of the common products that are used for producing CBD vapors include vapes, dabs, and cigarettes.

Vaping, smoking, and dabbing CBD is widely used for getting fast relief using this compound. Each of these methods has its own specialties. You should be aware of them for choosing the right method for you. Hence, we provide some of the common information you want to know about these methods and various CBD products used for them.

Vaping CBD

This method involves producing CBD vapors with the help of a special apparatus called a vape pen. You can get CBD vape oil that is specifically created for use inside vape pens. You can fill this liquid in your vape pens for producing CBD vapors.

The vape pens can be used for heating the liquid inside it and this will produce CBD vapors. You can inhale these vapors using the mouthpiece attached to the pens and the CBD present in these vapors will be delivered into your bloodstream directly through your lungs.

A lot of people prefer this method because of its high bioavailability. When you consume CBD orally, a huge portion of this compound will be lost because of different processes such as digestion and metabolism. So only a small amount of CBD will enter your bloodstream thereby reducing the intensity of the effects you get from this compound.

But when you vape CBD, the loss of this compound will be low, as processes including digestion and metabolism are not involved. This can ensure better results from this compound.

Benefits Of Vaping CBD

Vaping CBD can give you several advantages when compared to many other methods used for consuming this compound. Some of them are listed below:

Fast Absorption: Here, the CBD present in the vapors you inhale will be directly absorbed into the bloodstream thereby providing intense results. If you are trying to treat some chronic health conditions that need immediate cure using CBD, then this method can be a great option for you.

High Bioavailability: As mentioned above, the loss of CBD associated with this method will be very low. So more CBD will reach your bloodstream thereby increasing the bioavailability.

Discreet: This is one of the discreet methods for taking CBD. The vape pen is very small so you can keep it in your pocket or purse.

Convenient: CBD oil and tinctures can be difficult for you to carry around. But this problem can be avoided when you choose to vape CBD. As the vape pens are very small, you can carry it conveniently. Also, you can get prefilled cartridges that come with CBD vape oil. You can simply attach them to your pen.

Disadvantages Of Vaping CBD

There are also some disadvantages associated with vaping CBD. Some of them include:

Safety: CBD vape oil can contain thinners that can become toxic when heated. Also, some vape pens might contain heavy metals which can cause different health issues when inhaled.

Difficulty To Calculate The Dosage: When vaping CBD, you might not be able to calculate the precise dosage you are taking. As it provides high bioavailability, you should be careful about the amount you are taking.

Smoking CBD

This is a common method that you are already aware of. You can get CBD cigarettes that can be used for easily taking CBD. It is possible to smoke them just like any other cigarette. Also, you can get e-cigarettes that come with CBD e-liquid.

Benefits Of Smoking CBD

Most of the benefits associated with vaping CBD are also applicable to smoking CBD. It can provide high bioavailability, intense and fast results, and great effectiveness.

Disadvantages Of Smoking

The smell produced when you smoke CBD is almost similar to smoking weed. So it is not a discreet method. Also, the smoke produced by the burning of solids can be carcinogenic.

Dabbing CBD

Dabbing CBD is similar to vaping CBD. But here, some solid substances like CBD wax, budders, resins, etc. will be used for producing vapors instead of oil. A nail will be used for heating these products to produce CBD vapors.

Benefits Of Dabbing CBD

The products like CBD wax and resins will have a higher concentration of CBD. Hence, this method can provide you higher bioavailability than vaping and smoking.

Disadvantages Of Dabbing CBD

As this method delivers high amounts of CBD into your bloodstream, it is important to be aware of the amount you take.

Vaping, dabbing, and smoking can be useful for you to get better results from CBD. So you can choose a method based on your likes and preferences.