Can CBD Infused Beer Be The Next Big Thing?

CBD Infused Beer
CBD Infused Beer
CBD Infused Beer
CBD Infused Beer

Before a few years, a red tape prevented the brewers in the country from making CBD-based products. Many of the states do not allow CBD in any drink or food, and as per the FDA, this practice is illegal, and therefore, hardly any brands think of making CBD infused beer. However, internationally, the CBD infused beverages market  have evolved.

What Is CBD Infused Beer Capable Of? 

CBD is a very prominent cannabinoid found in hemp plants. You can have a different sensation from drinking a CBD infused beer. The type of beer is marketed as a drink that you can have without getting high or drunk. People who have tried CBD infused beer claim that it helps them relax. Some users have also suggested that the beer helps improve their mood.

A 2019-based study that researched on the effect of CBD on people suffering from anxiety revealed that Cannabidiol can indeed help relax. The subjects who took 25 to 75 mg of CBD per day for about a month reported a reduction in anxiety and an increase in the quality of sleep. Besides, CBD can help prevent the adverse side effects of alcohol, like hangovers and free radical damage.

Percentage Of Alcohol In CBD Infused Beer 

Combining alcohol and CBD can have unexpected effects. Both CBD and alcohol can lower our inhibition and make us relax. Using CBD alone can help you have a nice and relaxed feeling but using it together with alcohol can result in strong sedation. A study that was published in 1979 found that people who used CBD capsules together with alcohol had lower alcohol levels in their blood when compared to those who took alcohol alone. More researches are necessary to understand the effects of alcohol and CBD used together.

Some of the commercially available CBD beers contain low alcohol levels and typically, they will not contain more than 0.5% alcohol by volume. Many manufacturers believe that it is a bad idea to combine CBD and alcohol and avoid it. However, the international CBD beer manufacturers combine CBD and alcohol in good quantities and these beers contain almost the same amount of alcohol as regular beers.

Final Thoughts 

The federal and state laws on CBD are still confusing and so, many brewers in the country are not willing to take the risk. Let us hope that there will be more clarity on CBD-based beverages and their production in the country so that more and more brewers will think about manufacturing CBD infused beers.