How To Make CBD Oil?

Pure Natural CBD
Pure Natural CBD
Pure Natural CBD
Pure Natural CBD

CBD oil is one of the most popular CBD products in the market. Cannabidiol is one among the hundreds of cannabinoids in cannabis plants that are traditionally famous in medicine. In this session, we walk you through the manufacturing process of pure natural CBD oil.

Extraction Of CBD Oil

 Because of their minimal THC percentages, hemp plants are the approved source of CBD although marijuana also has CBD. There are numerous ways of extracting CBD from hemp plants to make CBD oil. Extraction methods of CBD include:

CO2 Extraction

Known for its high efficiency and purity levels, CO2 extraction is generally regarded as ideal method for extracting CBD. Three types of CO2 extraction are:

  • Supercritical CO2 extraction: It uses carbon dioxide in supercritical state (between liquid and gas) as solvent. CO2 is converted to supercritical state by increasing the pressure, all the while keeping temperatures below -69in the initial phase after which, the pressure and temperature are gradually increased.
  • Subcritical CO2 extraction: It employs low temperature and pressure to carry out the extraction process.
  • Mid-critical CO2 extraction: It uses temperatures and pressures that are in between supercritical and subcritical state.

In addition to CO2 extraction, a number of other extraction options like ethanol extraction, butane extraction, olive oil extraction and propane extraction are also used.


After oils are extracted from hemp, they have to be distilled to remove any unwanted components from the extract. Distillation involves two steps, winterization and short path distillation.


Winterization is carried out to remove undesirable elements like lipids, waxes and fats from the hemp extract. The high pressure and temperature of supercritical extraction pulls out everything from hemp, including some elements that you do not want in the final product.

In winterization, the crude oil obtained after extraction is mixed with 200 proof alcohol by stirring vigorously. The mixture is then placed in the freezer overnight. It turns cloudy by morning and is then filtered by passing through a filter paper of the right pore size. After the unwanted elements are filtered out, the alcohol is removed by heating the mixture.

Short Path Distillation

Short path distillation is performed to refine the CBD extract further and isolate the individual cannabinoids in the hemp extract. The way it works is similar to the ways that winterization works. The extract is heated to separate individual compounds by making use of the differences in the boiling points.

CBD oil manufactured by employing high quality extraction and purification methods will have appreciable quality.